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最近の夕食BGMはFloyd Server (Rock Ballad...From 09/25/05)


Floyd Server (Rock Ballad...From 09/25/05) というインターネットステーションなのですが、ストリーミングされる曲が全く脈略のないジャンルで、プログレもAORもメタルも全く区別することなく流れてきます。

Floyd Server (Rock Ballad...From 09/25/05) を聴く前によく聞いていた、Easy Rock Paradiseもかなりバラエティに富んだジャンルの曲がかかるのでお気に入りなんですが、その日毎にテーマが決まっているようで、その日その日でストリーミングされる曲は同じジャンルになる傾向にあります。

下記がFloyd Server (Rock Ballad...From 09/25/05) で最近ストリーミングされた曲のリストですが、いかがでしょう?

昨夜は何故かMike Oldfieldがよく登場しました。


今まで色んなインターネットラジオステーションを聞いてきましたが、とにかく色んなジャンルの曲だけを次々に流しておきたい、という用途には最適でFloyd Server (Rock Ballad...From 09/25/05) 以外考えられません。

Spectral Mornings by Steve Hackett
Straight From the Heart by Bryan Adams
Stray Cat Strut - Stray Cat Strut by Stray Cat
Ascension by Mike Oldfield
The Chamber by Mike Oldfield
Oceania by Mike Oldfield
It's The End Of The World As W by Rem
Let There Be Lingt by Mike Oldfield
Nothing Else Matters by Metallica
Nothing But Love by Jan Hammer
Nothing But Love by Mr. Big
Not Again by Shawn Lane
Nostalgia by Eddie Jobson
Northern Lights by T.N.T.
North to South, East to West by Pat Metheny
Nobody's Fool by Cinderella
Horizons by Steve Hackett
Day Seven: Hope by Ayreon
Hope by Mahavishnu Orchestra
Hope by Klaatu
Honey Samba by Larry Carlton
Honestly by Stryper
Homeward Bound by Simon And Garfunkel
Homesick by Soul Asylum
Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue
Home by Dream Theater
Holy Man by Deep Purple
Hollywood heart by Keats
Holiday by Bee Gees
Holiday by Scorpions
Day Twenty: Confrontation by Ayreon
Concerto D' Aranjuez (LIVE) by Uli Jon Roth
Concerto by Cacophony
Conceiving You by Riverside
Coming Home by Stratovarius
Coming Home by Cinderella
Comforting Sounds by MEW
comfortably numb by Pink Floyd
Come Back to Me by Axel Rudi Pell
Where do we go from here? by Kayak
When We're Together by Rialto
When The Smoke Is Going Down by Scorpions
When The Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin
When The Children Cry by White Lion
When I Was in My Prime by The Pentangle
When I look into your eyes by Firehouse
When I First Kissed You by Extreme
When A Blind Man Cries by Deep Purple
What`s Up by 4 Non Blondies
Supernova by Mike Oldfield
In The Beggining by Mike Oldfield
Song For Rebecca by Jeff Watson
Song For Love by Extreme
Song For Diane (World Keeps Spinning) by Shawn Lane
Song for angels by Crimson Glory
Song For Al (Instrumental) by Don Airey
Somewhere over the rainbow by Impelliteri
No Part Of Me by Steven Wilson
Night full of voices by Keats
Night falls by Fair Warning
Night by Marty Friedman
New Kid In Town by Eagles
New World by Soul Asylum
New Love by Stanley Jordan
New Jerusalem by GPS


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